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Greenfields Dwarf Enduro Sod - New generation of sod that provides a darker green color, finer texture and lower growth while keeping the hardy nature and lower water needs of its ancestors.  Excellent lawn for both home and commercial landscapes and is the best choice for traffic or high wear areas.  Product comes in 9sqft Rolls.   Minimum order size is 252 sqft or 28 rolls. Bulk discount for orders over 1000 sqft or 112 rolls.  When chosing a quantity in your order you must select 9 sqft increments (calculated automatically for you if you press up or down arrow).

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  • $0.52 / Square Foot + tax & delivery
    Min Qty: 252 Available in quantities of 9
  • $0.50 / SQFT - Sod Orders Over 1000 sqft (Bulk Pricing) + tax & delivery
    Min Qty: 1008 Available in quantities of 9

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